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Successful Culinary Careers Start Here

Whether you dream of being head chef at a 5-star restaurant, opening a pastry shop, or catering special events, here’s why Culinary Arts @ PCCC can give you the strong start you need to achieve your goals:

  • Degree and certificate programs that prepare you for a wide range of jobs in the food industry and give you the educational credentials employers prefer
  • Chef instructors with real-world experience in top restaurants
  • Hands-on classes where you learn by doing
  • State-of-the-art professional kitchens at the newly expanded Wanaque campus
  • Externships at local restaurants and cafes where you gain professional experience
The food industry is one of the fastest growing fields in the country with employment opportunities at all levels. With more Americans than ever eating out or purchasing take-out meals, job outlook is rated Very Good for culinary careers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2016).
New Jersey is the top paying state in the U.S. for chefs and head cooks, with an average yearly wage of $62,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, (May 2016)
Chef, cook, baker, caterer, food prep worker, restaurant manager, food service manager, food writer, culinary instructor.  Search Career Coach for more information about Culinary jobs and employment.

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Meet Louis Hernandez Culinary Arts Program Director

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Culinary classes provide hands-on instruction by experienced chefs in essential cooking and baking techniques, food safety and sanitation practices, nutrition, kitchen management, and inventory control. These programs prepare students for a wide range of jobs in the food industry.

All courses in the first semester in all programs are identical. This creates a stackable program giving students the ability to earn multiple certificates while working toward their A.A.S. degree.

Students are also able to earn certificates that are part of the ManageFirst® Program from the National Restaurant Association (NRA). Students will gain marketable skills for a career in the restaurant and foodservice industry in hotels, restaurants, bakeries, and institutions in entry level positions in culinary and baking.

Contact Information   

“My true love and passion is culinary arts,” says Louis Hernandez, a chef and instructor who joined the PCCC faculty this year as director of the new Culinary Arts program.

Chef Louis Hernandez

Director, Culinary Arts Program
Phone: 973-248-3015
E-mail: lhernandez@pccc.edu

“I’m very excited about the program and about the new culinary facility,” he added, referring to the fully-equipped professional kitchens designed for the recently expanded PCCC Wanaque Academic Center (WAC), where the new culinary program will be based.

“A career in food is a great choice for students,” says Chef Hernandez. “People will always have to eat, and if you feed them well, they’ll come back.”

An adventurous eater who has “a passionate respect for food” the chef hopes to instill in his students that same respect, along with the skills and knowledge he has gained from over 30 years of experience in cooking, catering, restaurant operation, teaching, and even corporate administration.