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Office of Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities (OSA) works closely with the Student Government Association (SGA), the Student Programming Committee (SPC) and clubs/organizations to:

  • Be the bridge to student involvement and leadership
  • Provide programs that enhance the classroom experience
  • Offer diversity initiatives and on campus programming

We oversee programs and events at the Paterson Campus, Wanaque Academic Center, and Passaic Academic Center.

Our mission is to provide co-curricular programs and activities that enhance the student experience at Passaic County Community College. We provide students with educational, social, cultural and leadership development opportunities.

We aspire to impact student’s life with leadership experiences, personal development, and interpersonal/transferable skills to promote student success.

Getting involved will enrich your personal development and college experience!

Students Will:

  • Have peer relationships
  • Gain skills that can help you succeed in college and in future endeavors
  • Gain student and faculty connections
  • Increase your academic experience
  • And much more!
  • Convinced, but not sure how to get involved?

    • Attend our events!
    • Volunteer at our events!
    • Partake in Community Service!
    • Become an Orientation Leader!
    • Join or start a Club or Organization!
    • Run for office in the Student Government Association!

    Upcoming Events

    Our Facebook Page

    Leadership Development

    The Office of Student Activities offers a variety of leadership development opportunities designed to help students identify and develop their leadership skills. The leadership development program is based on multiple theories, models, and approaches. Taking advantage of these opportunities will provide students with broader educational experiences and will help students gain skills to succeed in college and in future endeavors.

    • Lectures
    • Workshops
    • Presentations
    • Retreats
    • Educational Sessions
    • Conferences
    Students participating in leadership development opportunities at the OSA will:

    • Demonstrate awareness that leadership is a process by identifying personal values and leadership goals.
    • Constructively engage and collaborate with others through active group participation.
    • Serve as positive social change agents by examining their own cultural identities and responding with openness to others’ perspectives.
    • Demonstrate critical thinking and creative problem solving skills by applying material from co-curricular leadership learning to address personal and community concerns.
    • Communicate the practical leadership skills learned on career planning materials, including resumes, portfolios, and interviews.
    The Student Leader highlight recognizes a student leadership across campus who simply go above and beyond the call of duty for their position. This is an opportunity to honor those students who consistently make a difference at PCCC.

    Student Government Association

    The Student Government Association are your elected representatives who are the official voice of the student body.


    SGA Application
    The Student Government Association is the official voice of the student body before the college faculty, administration, and staff. The SGA is run by and for the students and provides experience and training in a democratic form of government for students serving as elected representatives.
    • Passion
    • Inclusion
    • Respect
    • Integrity
    • Encourage fellow students to become involved in college life.
    • Develop and promote effective communication between the student body, administration, and the faculty.
    • Represent the student body on college-wide committees.
    • Listen to student grievances and other significant problems relating to academic life.
    • Collaborate with the OSA to provide social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities for all PCCC students.
    The Student Government Association membership is composed of the entire student body, an executive board of elected student representatives, and advisor(s).

    The Entire Student Body
    Members of the entire student body can:

    • Attend student town hall meetings
    • Attend leadership workshops & events
    • Join or start a club/organization
    • Run for SGA Positions
    • Join the Student Programming Committee

    The Legislative Branch
    Membership consist of the Speaker (formerly “The Parliamentarian”) and all senators.

    • Senate Committees: The Student Programming Committee (SPC); the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC); and the Award Evaluation Committee (AEC).

    The Executive Branch
    Membership consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

    • Executive Committees: The Student Activities Committee (SAC); the Finance Committee (FC); and the Elections Review Committee (ERC).

    The Advisor(s)
    There shall be a Primary Advisor and a Secondary Advisor. The position of the Primary Advisor is reserved for the Director of Student Activities. The Secondary Advisor position shall be a faculty member or administrator who is selected by the Executive Board each year.


    Elections are held annually during the spring semester. All students are invited to run for office if they meet the requirements for candidacy.

    Eligibility requirements to run for office:

    • Be a current PCCC student
    • Have a minimum of 12 college level credits
    • Shall possess and maintain a GPA of:
      • 3.0 GPA – Executive Board & Speaker 
      • 2.5 GPA – Senators 
    • Serve the full term (July 1st – June 30th)
    • Cannot be an Executive Board member of any other club or organization
    Student Involvement Fair
    The Student Involvement Fair takes place every first week of class for the Fall and Spring semesters. The involvement fair is an opportunity for students to learn at a single event about a wide variety of co-curricular activities available on campus ranging from active clubs/organizations, leadership opportunities and much more!

    Student Town Hall Meetings
    A Town Hall meeting is an open forum for students to voice ideas, initiatives, opinions, and concerns. The Student Town Hall meeting is a great opportunity to learn about campus happenings, resources and discuss any important PCCC matters. The Student Town Hall meeting occurs throughout the academic year, every third Thursday of every month during the Fall and Spring semesters.

    Student Government Association Elections
    Elections are held annually during the spring semester. All students are invited to run for office if they meet the requirements for candidacy.

    Awards Ceremony
    The annual Awards Ceremony takes place near the end of the Spring semester to celebrate leader’s hard work, dedication, and success. Leaders are nominated by students, faculty, and staff to receive an award or recognition that outlines their achievements throughout the academic year.

    SGA Executive Board 2017-2018

    Saray Calderin


    Tah-Teanna R. Steadman

    Vice President

    Sarah Hannouch


    Asher T. Awari


    Elnora A McQuarters-Houston


    SGA Senate 2017-2018

    Kelly Hurtado

    Senator at PAC

    Leen Abaza

    Senator at WAC

    Eman Odeh

    Senator/SPC Chair

    Casey Bucceri

    Senator/SPC Co chair

    Francisco Martinez

    Senator/SPC secretary

    SGA Committees

    The Student Activities Committee is charged with:

    • Reviewing registration materials for new clubs
    • Making recommendation for the SGA
    • Reviewing registration of current clubs
    • Recommend appropriate action to the SGA regarding their status
    • Fostering communication and cooperation between registered student clubs


    Chair: The vice president of the SGA shall chair the Student Activities Committee.

    Members: One Executive board member from each registered club funded by the SGA. Each member shall be granted one vote. 


    The Student Activities Committee shall meet no fewer than once per month while classes are in session during the Fall and Spring semester.


    The Finance Committee is charged with:

    • Maintaining records of funds collected and disbursed within clubs funded by the SGA
    • Making recommendations to the SGA for the allocation of club funds
    • Making monthly financial reports to the SGA regarding club funds


    Chair: The Treasurer of the SGA shall chair the Finance Committee

    Members: The treasurer from each registered club funded by the SGA. Each member shall be granted one vote.


    The Finance Committee shall meet no fewer than once per month while classes are in session during the Fall and Spring semester.


    The Election Review Committee is charged with:

    • Reviewing the current election policies and guidelines
    • Recommend amendments to the SGA
    • Overseeing the election process
    • Reviewing and certifying election results


    Chair: The highest ranking SGA Executive Board member who is not a candidate in an upcoming election.

    Members: Includes at least two students at large from registered clubs that are sponsored by the SGA, in addition to the chairman, to be appointed by the chairman, and may not include candidates in an upcoming election. Each member shall be granted one vote.

    The Primary adviser to the SGA shall be a non-voting member.

    SPC is responsible for:

    • Planning, organizing, executing programs, activities, and events that encourage co-curricular participation
    • Promote school spirit
    • Enable a sense of community within the main campus and its satellite campuses

    All subject to approval of the SGA.


    The Student Programming Committee membership is composed of members, an executive board, and the advisor.

    The Members
    Membership consist of current PCCC students.

    The Executive Board
    Membership consist of senator positions appointed by the SGA: Chair, Co Chair/Treasurer and Secretary.

    The Advisor
    The Student Activities Specialist will serve as the Advisor to the SPC.

    To join as a member:

    • Be a current PCCC student

    Eligibility requirements to run for SPC Executive Board:

    • Be a current PCCC student
    • Had completed at least 12 college level credits
    • Accumulative GPA of 2.5
    • Cannot be an E-board of any other club/organization
    • Complete the SGA application online for the senator position


    Students who join the SPC will: 

    • Learn how to plan events
    • Take up on leadership roles
    • Learn about promotion and marketing
    • Sharpen public speaking skills
    • Learn how to work as team
    • Create peer networking opportunities
    • Gain hospitality skills
    • Chaperone trips
    • Gain intrapersonal/interpersonal competence
    • Simply have fun


    • #PCCCPanthernation Days
    • Welcome Activities
    • Cultural Events
    • Theme Months
    • Social Events
    • Special Events
    • Off-Campus Trips
    • Graduation Activities
    • Community Engagement Opportunities
    The Constitutional Review Committee is charged with:

    • Reviewing the current constitution of the SGA at PCCC
    • Recommed amendments to the SGA if necessary


    Chair: The Speaker of the SGA shall chair the CRC

    Members: Includes four students at large in addition to the chairman, to be appointed by the chairman and approved by the Senate. Each member shall be granted one vote.


    The Constitutional Review Committee shall meet no less than once per semester.


    The Awards Evaluation Committee is charged with:

    • Reviews the current awards policies and guidelines
    • Recommends additional awards or ceremony changes
    • Oversees the nominations process and certifies results
    • Plans and executes the Awards Ceremony


    Chair: A Student Government Association member shall chair the AEC. If all current Executive Board or Senate members are unable to chair the committee, a committee member will be appointed to chairperson.

    Members: Includes three or more students currently holding membership in a club or organization sponsored by the SGA. Each member shall be granted one vote.


    The Awards Committee shall meet beginning in October, and continue to meet as necessary.


    Clubs & Organizations

    The SGA offers an array of student clubs and organizations. New clubs/organizations are regularly added according to student interest and requests. All clubs/organizations are led by students and have faculty/staff advisor(s).

    Why Join a Club/Organization?

    Joining a club/organization provides you with the opportunity to develop skills and add value to your college experience while at PCCC.

    Participating in clubs/organizations can:

    • Assist with your personal and professional development
    • Allow you to meet new peers who share similar interests
    • Develop leadership skills

    Club/organization members coordinate and implement programs, organize trips/excursions, and simply have fun.

    Don’t see a club/organization of your interest? Register your club with us! 

    Reasons to Register your Club/Organization:

    • On Campus Recognition
    • Funding from the Student Government Association
    • Advertisement
    • Space Reservation
    • Portal Page and Email Account
    • Leadership Development
    • Recruitment Opportunities
    • Travel Opportunities
    • Mailbox (located in the Office of Student Activities)

    Clubs & Organizations 2017-2018

    The American Sign Language Club (ASL) at Passaic County Community College purpose is to provide a place where students can learn and grow as a community. It will serve as a foundation to improve student skills, productivity, leadership and community involvement.

    For more information, please contact the club at asl@pccc.edu

    The Astronomy’s club mission is to educate our members on all things astronomy and cosmology in peer discussions and hands-on experiences. With club activities, projects, and trips, we seek to further drive our members’ interests in astronomy and help them channel that interest into potential educational and career opportunities.

    For more information, please contact the club at ac@pccc.edu

    The B2B Club serves the purpose of assisting students in successfully transferring into a baccalaureate STEM degree program.

    For more information, please contact the club at b2b@pccc.edu

    The Business Leadership Club (BLC) believes in the power of activism to educate PCCC and New Jersey communities about business. BLC also seeks to promote education and communication with schools and scholars. In the spirit of free expression, BLC seeks to provide an alternative dialogue and discussion-building with other PCCC students.

    For more information, please contact the club at blc@pccc.edu

    The Empty Nest Club (ENC) purpose is for everyone to expand their talents and share their interests, as well as share music with the rest of the student body.

    For more information, please contact the club at emptynest@pccc.edu

    The Engineering Club (EC) purpose is to promote interest in the role that engineering and computer information sciences play in our society.

    For more information, please contact the club at engc@pccc.edu

    The purpose of the Graphic Design and Fine Arts Club (GDFA) is to start and build a strong community of artists whom will support and encourage one another in practicing, developing and tapping into their latent talents, creativity and skill in graphic design as well as in fine arts.

    For more information, please contact the club at gdfa@pccc.edu

    The purpose of this club (HSC) is to promote, develop, and strengthen the professional practice of all students. The Helping Hand aims to assist students in learning the importance of progressive social change and social justice for individuals, families, and communities.

    For more information, please contact the club at hsc@pccc.edu

    The purpose of the Justice Club (JC) is to give greater knowledge about the criminal justice and law enforcement fields to those who wants to be part of the club.

    For more information, please contact the club at justice@pccc.edu

    The Latin American Student population is expanding and this organization deems it necessary to expose and stimulate this college community to Latin American influence in music, art, literature, cuisine, as well as to educational and social-political concerns, thereby giving the members of the institution and surrounding communities a better understanding and acceptance of the Latin American people.

    For more information, please contact the club at LASC@pccc.edu

    The LGBTQ + Allies club serves to increase awareness and understanding of the LGBTQIA community and create a space of inclusion at PCCC regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity through education, support, social action and advocacy.

    For more information, please contact the club at lgbtqa@pccc.edu

    The purpose of the Modern Visual Culture Club (MVC) is to organize and educate individuals and recognize and promote forms of non-mainstream visual media (included, but not limited to: television, internet video, feature films, video games, etc.).

    For more information, please contact the club at mvc@pccc.edu

    The purpose of Nursing Student Organization (NSO) is to promote and encourage student participation in interdisciplinary activities. Promote collaborative relationships with nursing and health related organizations.

    For more information, please contact the organization at nso@pccc.edu

    The purpose of Passaic Activities Club (PAC) is to provide students with experiences that promote their educational, personal, social, and civic development while addressing the needs of the Passaic Academic Center student body.

    For more information, please contact the club at pab@pccc.edu

    Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization, with a network of 1.4 million men and women in more than 210 countries and geographical locations. We serve where we live, as well as globally, and we have fun doing it. Though well known for its successful initiatives in vision health, Lions service is as diverse as its members. We meet all sorts of needs, from assisting the elderly to helping victims of natural disasters, as well as providing Leadership opportunities and experiences to our members.

    For more information, please contact the club at lc@pccc.edu

    The purpose of the radiography club (RC) is to enhance the education and promotion of the radiography program.

    For more information, please contact the club at rad@pccc.edu

    The purpose of the Science Club (SC) is to enhance knowledge, promote interest, and provide enrichment opportunities to science students.

    For more information, please contact the club at sc@pccc.edu

    The purpose of the Student Support Services (SSS) Club is to inform, educate, and increase awareness of the Student Support Services program; to serve as a source of guidance, support and resource for the students in order to build a sense of community; to develop and strengthen students’ education, personal and social development; and enhance leadership and community involvement in a safe, fun, and rewarding environment.

    For more information, please contact the club at ssc@pccc.edu

    The purpose of the Studio Arts Club (SAC) is to enhance one’s understanding of art, while serving as an outlet for artists to express their inner thoughts and emotions artistically through different types of art mediums. This Club’s goal is to purely and simply extend and expand an artist’s common visual knowledge. All students are welcomed and encourage to join the club regardless of their artistic abilities.

    For more information, please contact the club at sac@pccc.edu

    The Purpose of the Veterans Club (VC) is to aid in the reintegration and education of our nation’s veterans at Passaic County College, and raise social awareness of veteran issues in our community while enriching the lives of student veterans and all veterans in the community. Every branch of service emphasizes the idea of unity and diversity. Our goal here at the Veterans Club (VC) is to continue to develop a sense of camaraderie among our veterans, students, and faculty.

    For more information, please contact the club at vc@pccc.edu


    PCCC’s orientation program seeks to facilitate the transition of new students into the college and provide an introduction to the intellectual, cultural, and social facets of the PCCC community. The program aims to support new students’ retention and persistence.

    • Create a welcoming environment that will enable students to meet staff, faculty, current and new students at PCCC.
    • Familiarize new incoming students with PCCC campus.
    • Promote intellectual, cultural and social membership to the PCCC community.
    • To introduce all of the students to support services offered at PCCC.
    • To provide students clear, relevant policies, procedures, and programs.
    Orientation leaders (O.Ls) will work closely with The Office of Student Activities to help enhance the orientation experience at PCCC.

    Orientation leaders will:

    • Assist incoming freshman and transfer students with their transition into the college
    • Aid in planning and orchestrating orientation day
    • Facilitate groups of ten to fifteen students
    • Provide campus tour
    • Assist with any other various tasks needed

    PCCC’s Orientation Leaders Objectives:

    • Provide a welcoming environment for new incoming students.
    • To expose the importance and long term benefits of student involvement.
    • To educate new incoming students on the services available on campus.
    • To break the stigma on the community college experience.


    • 3.0 or higher GPA
    • Two semesters at PCCC
    • In good disciplinary standing
    • Good communication skills
    New Student Programming:

    Take a Selfie with the Panther

    • Wanaque Academic Center – 1/22/2018 – Student Lounge – 10:00am-1:00pm
    • Passaic Academic Center – 1/23/2018 – Cafeteria – 10:00am-1:00pm
    • Paterson Main Campus – 1/25/2018 – Paterson Room – 12:00pm-2:00pm

    Scavenger Hunt

    • Wanaque Academic Center – 1/22/2018 – Student Lounge – 10:00am-1:00pm
    • Passaic Academic Center – 1/23/2018 – Cafeteria – 10:00am-1:00pm
    • Paterson Main Campus – 1/25/2018 – Paterson Room – 12:00pm-2:00pm

    New Student Social

    • Thursday, September 8th 2018
      • Paterson Main Campus – Paterson Room – 12:00pm-2:00pm
      • Passaic Academic Center – Cafeteria & Passaic Room – 10:00am-12:00pm
      • Wanaque Academic Center – Student Lounge – 10:00am-12:00pm

    For New Students Only

    New Student Orientation

    Nada Hinawi

    Orientation Leader

    Halla Yousef

    Orientation Leader

    Saray Calderin

    Orientation Leader

    Student Worker Staff

    Alyaa Tarabolsi

    Student Worker

    Rahmeh Atiyat

    Student Worker

    Tah-teanna R. Steadman

    Student Worker

    Kitania Fitzgerald

    Student Worker

    Game Room

    The Office of Student Activities Game Room provides a recreational area designed to offer a fun getaway with the many activities available. We invite students to visit the game room to relax, release some stress and enjoy. Students can also use the game room as a lounge to study for a class, read a magazine or just meet old friends and make new friends.

    As a student you can enjoy the following activities:

    • Billiards
    • Ping Pong
    • Foosball
    • Classical Board Games
    • Video Gaming
    • Watch Large Screen TV
    Game Room Hours for SPRING 2018:

    Monday: 11:00am – 4:00pm
    Tuesday: 11:00am – 4:00pm
    Wednesday: 11:00am – 4:00pm
    Thursday : 11:00am – 6:30pm
    Friday: 11:00am – 4:00pm

    If you have any questions please contact the game room staff at (973) 684-5043

    The Game Room is a respectful place. We ask that all students respect staff and polices.

    • You must be a current PCCC student with a valid PCCC ID to enter the Game Room.
    • You must submit your current student ID to check out equipment. The equipment can not be taken outside of the game room.
    • Students are not allowed to borrow other student’s ID cards to check out equipment.
    • Food and beverages are not allowed.
    • All Furniture in the game room should not be moved or removed for any reason by students, only if game room staff moves it.
    • Gambling, Profane language and fighting are prohibited in game room.
    • The Game Room staff is not responsible for any lost or damage to personal property.
    • All items found by game room staff will be taken to public safely.
    • Absolutely no sitting, standing, leaning, or laying on pool table or any tables.
    • Proper attire is required at all times (e.g. shirts, pants, shoes, and similar).
    • All students are asked to clean up after themselves and dispose of their garbage.

    Please get familiar with PCCC Student Code of Conduct. Any Violations of the Code may result in further disciplinary action and the suspension of a student’s privileges to utilize the Game Room.

    Contact Information

    Passaic County Community College
    One College Boulevard
    Paterson, New Jersey 07505-1179
    Phone: 973-684-7191
    Email: osa@pccc.edu


    Paterson Main Campus – Founders Hall E103

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
    8:30am – 4:30pm


    Wanaque Academic Center – W119

    Monday: 9:00am-3:30pm
    Tuesday: 8:30am-4:30pm
    Thursday: 9:00am-4:30pm

    Office of Student Activities
    Phone: 973-684-5255
    Email: sga@pccc.edu

    Student Programming Committee (SPC)
    Office of Student Activities
    Phone: 973-684-5255
    Email: spc@pccc.edu

    Office of Student Activities
    Phone: 973-684-7191
    Email: newstudent@pccc.edu

    Office of Student Activities
    Paterson Main Campus – Inside the GYM
    Phone: 973-684-5043

    Maria Luisa Marte

    Director of Student Activities
    M.A., Montclair State University
    B.A., Ramapo College of NJ

    Rafaela A. Ramirez

    Student Activities Specialist
    B.A., William Paterson University

    Iris Miolan

    Staff Assistant of Student Activities
    B.A. in Psychology

    Tanisha McKinnon

    Student Activities Assistant
    B.A. in English
    Minor in Theatre Arts

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