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 Pay in Full-Fall or Spring


Setup Fee
  • Use your PCCC Portal Login Account
  • No Partial Payments
  • Pay with VISA, MC, Discover credit cards or check
Proceed to Make a Payment

   Payment Plan   - SPRING


Setup Fee
  • Need to create a separate account
  • 3-5 Monthly payments + Fee
  • Payment Plan fee is non-refundable
Proceed to Payment Plan
Parking at PCCC

WINTER- Due 12/15/17

SPRING- Due 1/5/18
Payment Plan now available

Please click below to log into your account and view all statements and/or receipts.


Policies & Procedures (Back to top of page)


All students who register are fully responsible for all tuition and fees. If you do not plan to attend classes, you must complete the drop process, please see the deadlines under Important Dates. Failure to attend classes does not release you from your financial obligation. The signing and completion of a registration form either on-line or on paper constitute a binding agreement for payment.


Students are responsible for all tuition and fees charged after confirmed registration. Charges include but are not limited to; all tuition and fees, parking fees, bookstore charges, late fees (for non or late payments), non attend fees (for not attending and failing to drop courses properly), and/or collection agency charges (for all delinquent accounts turned over to collections). There are several methods in which balances are covered and each should be completed by the due date listed on the registration statement. Failure to pay by the due date will result in late fees as listed in the approved College Fee Schedule.

Starting in FALL 2017, courses will be dropped for failure to pay in full, join the payment plan and/or use financial aid or a third party payer.

Paying your bill could include making a payment in full, joining the college approved payment plan, using financial aid grants and /or loans, or third party payers. If tuition and fees are paid by someone other than the student (third party, scholarship, etc.), a valid document or formal letter from the sponsoring parties must be presented to the Bursar at the time of registration. Otherwise, students must pay the bill in full.

Student accounts will be cleared by the Financial Aid office. When aid is cleared it will appear on the student account and registration statement as estimated. The Bursar’s Office does not require any information from the student regarding the Financial Aid process. It is the responsibility of the student to have all verification and other FA matters resolved and make payment arrangements for any remaining balances by the start of the semester.

If a student account is not paid in full by the end of the semester or term in which it is due, the account will be turned over to a collection agency and the student will be responsible for all additional fees associated with the collection of the amount due. These collection fees will be in addition to any late fees already assessed to the account.


The College approved payment plan is offered in partnership with Official Payments. The payment plan must be joined by creating an account with Official Payments and making monthly payments through the account. The payment plan fee is $40 and is non-refundable. The plans are 3-5 months in the fall and spring and 2-4 months in the summer terms. The earlier you register for courses and join, the lower the monthly payments. The due date can be adjusted based on student needs and a late fee will be added after the grace period ends for a missed payment. After multiple missed payments, you can be removed from the payment plan.

Please note that we will no longer except payment plan payments outside of the approved plan with Official Payments.

Payments may be made via the following methods.
full payments with check or money order only
ON-LINE: full payment or payment plan payment with VISA, MC, Discover or check
IN-PERSON: (Paterson campus only) full payment with VISA, MC, Discover, cash, check or money order
DROP BOX: full payment with check or money order only

Students attending PCCC on an F-1 STUDENT VISA are responsible for payment IN FULL within 72 hours of registration- failure to do so will result in courses being deleted.   Failure to be registered as a full-time student (fall/spring) is a violation of Federal Regulation [8 CFR 214.2(f)(6)] pertaining to your F-1 status and will result in the termination of your I-20 and the notification of your non-enrollment to the Office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


Program Who’s Eligible? What’s Covered? What’s Not Covered? Procedure
Alumni Any PCCC graduate of a degree program who has paid for membership into the PCCC Alumni Association prior to registration. Tuition remission for one course (up to four credits) on a space-available basis each Fall, Spring and Summer term. A maximum of 3 courses per year. Course fees Students may register on the last day of in-person registration (Waiver Day).* Students must inform the Bursar’s Office after registering. Alumni who register prior to the last day of registration (Waiver Day) will be responsible for all costs.
Senior Citizen Passaic County residents who have reached their 60th birthday prior to the first day of classes. Audit:** +
Tuition and General fees

Credit: Tuition only

Audit:** +
$5.00 per course

Credit: Must pay all fees.

Students must register on the last day of in-person registration.* Students must present valid proof of age and residency to the Bursar.
Unemployed Residents of NJ who receive certification prior to registering from their Employment Services Office in their respective township and who have completed a FAFSA prior to registering for any course. Tuition and General fees Course fees Students must register on the last day of in-person registration.* Students must exhaust eligibility for financial aid and present a certified Unemployed Persons Job Training Form.
Volunteer Fire, First Aid, and Rescue Squad Members and Families NJ residents who are active members in good standing with volunteer fire or rescue squads or their dependent children and spouses in eligible municipalities. $300 in tuition per semester for a maximum of $600 per year with a lifetime maximum of $2400. All fees and tuition in excess of $300 per semester. Students must register on the last day of In-person Registration.* Students must present to the Bursar at registration an original Certificate of Authorization from their assigned municipal official. Upon completion of each semester, the student must submit a transcript to the municipality. Students must maintain a grade point average of 2.0 in the courses taken under the program to continue eligibility.
National Guard Active members of the NJ National Guard or a child or spouse of a National Guard member who was killed in the line of duty. Up to 16 credits of tuition General and Course
Students may register anytime during registration. Students must exhaust eligibility for financial aid and present a valid commander’s certification from their unit when registering.

Please note–Financial aid will be applied to all accounts before the waiver is applied. Only balances after the financial aid is awarded will be waived according to the appropriate waiver guidelines. Students may not use waivers for any Radiography or Nursing courses. For a complete explanation of waivers, please see the College Course Catalog.
* The last day of in-person registration or the business day prior to the start of classes is called Waiver Day. Students must register on this day or after to use the waiver. Waiver Day for each term is listed under Important Dates.
** Audit refers to taking a course without receiving a grade or college credit toward a degree or certificate.
+ Not covered under senior audit waiver: CU-105, CU-107, CU-109, CU-202, CU-206, CU-208, PA-114, PA-116, PA-118, PA-212.

Refunds will not be generated until a credit balance actually exists. Credits from Financial Aid will appear on the bill as estimated, but cannot be refunded until funds are received from their source. This process is initiated by the Financial Aid office and our staff does not know the exact schedule before it begins. Financial Aid cannot be paid until the entire verification process is complete, all required documents are provided, book store charges are reported and attendance has been confirmed. The Bursar Office will process all refunds within 7-10 business days of transmittal.

Refunds for dropped or cancelled courses will be made after the add period for the specific term has ended. Credit card payments will be refunded to the card used to make the payment and should appear within 1-3 business days of when issued. Check and cash payments will be refunded via check.

All refunds will be mailed to the address maintained by the Registrar’s Office. Please periodically check the address listed on your registration schedule for accuracy and make any necessary changes with the Enrollment Services front desk.

All credit balance refunds are subject to a final audit.

Important Dates (Back to top of page)

Semester Waiver Day Tuition Due Last Day 100% Refund Last Day 50% Refund Payment Plan Due
2017 FALL 08/29/17 07/10/17* 09/13/17 09/27/17 10th of Jul-Nov
2017 FALL EXPRESS 09/19/17 04/10/17* 09/29/17 10/11/17 10th of Jul-Nov
2018 WINTER 12/19/17 12/15/17 12/21/17 N/A no payment plan
2018 SPRING 01/16/18 01/05/18** 01/30/18 02/13/18 10th of Dec-Apr
2018 SPRING EXPRESS 02/06/18 01/05/18** 02/16/18 02/28/18 10th of Dec-Apr

*Fall 2017 payment is due on July 10, 2017. For later registrants, the due date is 7 business days from the date of registration. Please check your statement for your due date. For questions, please email bursar@pccc.edu.

**SPRING 2018 Payment is due 1/5/18 for all courses registered between 11/6/17-1/4/18. After 1/4/18, payment is due for all courses within 2 days of late registration.

Tuition and Fees (Back to top of page)

Tuition and Fees At-A-Glance 2017-2018

Tuition (Subject to Change)
In-County Residents/Per Credit $123.00
Out-of-County Residents/Per Credit $156.00
Out-of-State Residents/ Per Credit $246.00

Fees Charged per Credit to All Students
General College $25.00
Student Activity $3.00
Technology Fee $13.00
General College Fee
Supports the College’s academic programs and fees associated with processing student registrations.

Student Activity Fee
Provides funds for student cultural and social programs.

Technology Fee
Enables the college to add and replace computers, software, library equipment, and other items for student use.

Course/Materials Fees
Several college courses require additional fees to pay for laboratory hours and/or additional materials required for the course. All lab/materials fees are listed with courses in the Course Schedule.

Book Rental Fee
The College has partnered with Follett Bookstore to offer discounted rental prices for the College Success course. The fee is included in your semester balance. A portion of the fee will be credited to student accounts after the book is returned.

Drop Fee
A $10.00 fee is added for each course that is dropped late.

Non-attend Fee
A fee of $125.00 is added to each course that a student is registered for but does not attend. Once an instructor marks the student as not attending, the course is removed along with the charges and the fee is added.

Returned Check/Stop Payment Fee
Any check returned to the college by the bank on which it is drawn, for any reason, including stop payments, will incur a processing fee and in the future, the student’s privilege of writing personal checks to the college may be revoked. Post-dated checks are not accepted by the college, and if returned by the bank, are subject to the returned check fee.

Identification Card Fee
Each student is issued a free ID card at the time of registration. There is a fee for replacing a lost or mutilated card.

Office Information (Back to top of page)

Official Mailing Address

Passaic County Community College
One College Boulevard
Paterson, NJ 07505-1179
Att. Bursar

Office Hours

Mon & Thurs
8:30am to 7:00pm

Tues / Wed/ Fri*
8:30am to 4:30pm

*Closed Fridays in the summer

Bursar’s Office Location
Main Campus/Paterson
Enrollment Services Building
Mezzanine Level
225 Market Street
Danielle Budka-Nepola
Phone: 973-684-6692
E-mail: dbudka-nepola@pccc.edu
Henry Cabrera
Phone: 973-684-5203
E-mail: hcabrera@pccc.edu
Manal Jabr
Student Accounts
Phone: 973-684-5216
E-mail: mjabr@pccc.edu
Paola Dominguez
Technical Assistant
Phone: 973-684-5202
E-mail: pdominguez@pccc.edu
Bonnie Beehler
Technical Assistant
Phone: 973-684-5204
E-mail: bbeehler@pccc.edu
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